8/11/04 - We're going to LA tomorrow to play, so any that lives in that area should come check it out. We still don't have a steady bass player, Nick's brother Brian will be filling in for the LA show, after this we'll probably take some time to start writing new material, hopefully we'll find someone to play bass to help us. I guess that's all for now, we have more demos if anyone wants one.

5/31/04 - Landon's gone as of about 3 hours ago, we'll miss him. Come play guitar for us or bass, e-mail us only if you're reliable and dedicated. We might be playing a couple shows coming up pretty soon if we have enough members, I'll keep you updated

5/5/04 - Happy Cinco De Mayo. We just got offered a show for tomorrow at the Caravan in downtown San Jose. Its with the Vex and a new band featuring an ex member of Aggro. I believe we go on first around 10, so those of you who are 21+ and check our page today or tomorrow come check it out, its free. Thanks to everyone who came out on Monday, new shows and pictures soon.

4/20/04 - We're now up on (click the music link) and so check those out and don't forget the may 3 show.

4/16/04 - Sorry about any confusion with the show last night, there was a misunderstanding between us and the gaslighter, however we will be playing there may 3, check out the shows for more info. Also, we finally found a second guitar player, Landon Stanyard.

3/31/04 - Today is going to be our first practice with our new bass player Robbie Dalla, I've known him for a while and he knows what he's doing, so it should work out just fine. I'll have his picture up soon and get rid of Jonathan's, who actually informed me that he might rejoin the band in the fall, but we'll see what happens. I don't know when, but hopefully soon, I'll have the rest of the site up, and finally, we have a couple of shows in the works for May, so I'll keep everyone updated.

1/25/04 - Jonathan is leaving the band, so if anyone knows of any bass players in the area who would be interested in playing for pull the trigger please e-mail us

1/12/04 - The web site is finally up obviously. There is not too much going on with the band, we are currently just writing new material and are looking to book more shows in the near future, if anyone can help us out with booking please contact us at The site should be finished up in the near future, keep checking back





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