military P.E.
militant activity
generals and coaches
work together
to program the
population of kids
mindless sports
all diversions
can not gain
both sides lose
stop wasting MY time
teaching competition
breeding violence
hypocrite benevolence
girls all in dresses
with make-up on their face
all just waiting
for the "grand rape"
tough men suffer
on the battlefield
blood and pain
they're insane
this ignorance
infects their brains
I know you by appearance
not by name
I know your actions
your just the same
tie my hands together
tie my mind with confusion
cross my heart hope to live
because I'm already dead
sleeping in wait
I dont know what for
kids just dont shut up
adults wont listen, care
who said life ain't fair?
my heart in you
your blood flows in me
sister and brother
I want to agree to disagree
forget appearance
background, color
predjucy and religion
forget labels and past sin
Indulge in real love
love to live, live to love
clean air, not here
tragedy with no fear
pollute, burn, destroy, kill
as napalm burns the window cill
my mind, my boundary
do not fear hate
instead, accept its place
let it kill
its ownself
dont get mixed up
and kill ourselves
to late I'm sad to say
they push buttons
lead us to decay
death of love, death
live long death
dont stop pursuit
victory, not for all
live forever
death will only lose
grow old, rot alive
death is necessary
not by mankind
not by our hands
or by our minds
bombs and guns, more death
too much pain
disgusting ideas to our end
ice age, no, nuclear age
nuclear winter, ooops!
computer malfunction
we will eventually suffer
suffer for its efficiency




    Entertainment. The greatest diversion. There is so much you could learn from music, but why? It's not  as entertaining, right? Wrong. Politics affect all our lives. You dont think, no one thinks anymore. Progress is just regression. Sucked into computers and technology. To blind to see that our "progression" will only lead to our destruction. Entertainment differs our eyes and controls our brains. The media tells us what they want us to know. Not the truth, or at least the whole truth. There are so many things you and i never hear about on t.v. Did you know that the u.s. government used secret anti drug messages in highly popular t.v. shows on stations like abc and others? Even though they were anti drug, what would make them stop there? They could use that secrecy to ensure our loyalty to them. Make us so proud to live in America that when the newspapers say that a country is against us, we automatically hate them. That's called nationalism. It's dangerous to the human race, not just americans, or any single population. And with nuclear bombs, the fun's only begun. We could kill of everything with just a couple of them placed around the world. If the bombs don't hit your town, the fallout will. The next world war will be the last. I heard the sun will blow up in like 2 billion years or something. Hey, we'll blow ourselves up first. All in the name of progress. All for our greed. For most people, it's not their fault they're greedy, they're just ignorant. So don't blame them for there mistakes, blame other influences. They really are just products of their society. So it's up to us, the youth. The new generation. We can change the world. We NEED to change the world.  If we don't do it, who will?